Monday, November 28, 2005

Dangerous Precedence

I see it coming. After reading about new auto CEO Dieter Zetsche in today's Wall Street Journal ("New DaimlerChrysler CEO Targets' Infighting, Intrigues," , I began worrying about the man. There is the standard comparison to the old top dog (outgoing CEO Jurgen Schrempp), the new CEO-to-employee communication style ("hands on") and the bold declaration ("what counts is performance"). Dieter is also described as a pain-sharer (he personally delivered bad news to employees about layoffs).

Noticeably, the writers mention that Dieter has given scant details about how he plans to right the DaimlerChrysler ship. Despite the lack of an articulated agenda, the legend is building fast. Before Dieter takes over on January 1st, expectations surrounding this newly minted CEO will be so high that it will be hard for him not to stumble.

I wish him good luck.



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