Tuesday, December 13, 2005

24/7 Modesty

Modesty is the new driver of executive celebrity. Everywhere you turn, someone is writing or talking about CEOs who are no-name heroes, giving away bonuses, speaking infrequently, focusing on operations and just plain shy. One after another. I do think we are going slightly overboard. You know, there is nothing wrong with CEOs speaking up. Business is not all spread sheets. There has to be some excitement, drama and pomp and circumstance....a little, that's all.

Stakeholders and shareholders want to hear what leaders are thinking about our collective futures. They want to hear how companies are driving growth, managing change and delivering service. They want to know how to infuse an organization with entrepreneurism and innovation. It is okay to agree to an interview.

I am waiting for the Most Modest CEO list in 2006.


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