Friday, December 23, 2005

The Reputation Files

I just spent the entire morning filing articles and information from the past several months. Since we have a few days off for the holidays, I thought I would spend time getting ready for 2006. I usually try to file when the stack gets too high, meaning over 12 inches. I have about two inches left which I will try to complete shortly.

My reputation files are all at home which means that my home office is chock full of make-shift file holders and lots of piles. Here are my other reputation-piles that surround me (and haunt me) day and night:

**14 books (two feet high)that I hope to read (e.g., Tough Calls, Will Your Next Mistake Be Fatal?)
**unread but to-be-read magazines, journals and articles (8 inches high)
**maybe-will-read magazines, journals and articles (6 inches high)
**articles that I want to reread again since I liked them the first time (4 inches high)
**many file holders containing information that grew out of my first book, CEO Capital (e.g., first 100 days, CEO legacies, CEO thought leadership, reputation crises, European CEOs, Asia-Pacific CEOs, Wall Street and CEOs, CEO succession)
**many file holders containing information on emerging trends in the reputation- and CEO-space (e.g., industry reputation, private company CEOs, CEO blogs, the happiness of being number 2)

I intend to write less frequently in my blog and enjoy the holidays. That sounds to me like a fair trade-off for completing my dreaded filing on all things reputation.


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