Sunday, January 15, 2006

PR Industry Gets Reputation Boost

A recent article (14 January 2006) in the Financial Times reported that Prime Minister Blair's son Euan Blair would be working at pr firm Finsbury Group for two weeks. The reporters note that young Blair will now see how pr truly influences the decision-making and strategic choices of the high and mighty. Reporters' Saigol and Croft write: "As Euan Blair's interest shows, it has also become a desirable profession for graduates. A quick glance around London's PR community reveals that it is the profession of choice for many figures of the establishment, particularly those with political links." It is nice to see something positive about the industry. The pr industry is not all about celebrity endorsements and spinmaking as the pundits make it out to be. Most pr professionals provide sound, thoughtful advice. After all, good public relations counsel can make or break a company's reputation.

I am glad that Euan Blair is giving pr a chance. The industry deserves more respect. Next I hope to see Princes' William and Harry learning the craft.


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