Wednesday, March 15, 2006

C-Suite Reputation Rises

Hill & Knowlton just released their latest wave of research on reputation. Their global research among financial analysts found that perceptions of the C-suite are more important in investment decision-making than business unit heads, chairmen or board members. Of course, the CEO still remains critical to driving investment dollars but the top team is now increasing in importance. Burson-Marsteller's research has found similar results.

A great example of showcasing your company's senior team comes from Cisco. Take a look at how Cisco provides information to investors and other stakeholders about their leadership team. Not only can we read these top managers' bios but we can browse through their speeches, presentations, perspectives, videos, etc. The top team is smartly on display and practically in your living room. You can choose whether you want closed captions or translations. Cisco makes it easy to witness the talent of their top team and vote in favor of the company. Worth studying.


Anonymous Niall Cook said...

Thanks for the mention, Leslie. I don't think the link to the announcement works, though. If you want to look at the results in more detail, you can find them here.


5:13 AM  
Blogger lgr said...

I fixed it. You are welcome. We put your press release on our ceo website, too. Good research. lgr

10:16 PM  

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