Sunday, March 12, 2006

CEO Communications On Tap

When asked how much time he spends communicating, Dell's Kevin Rollins says, "Can you go above 100 percent?" If you think about it, most CEOs would probably say the same. The job which used to be overseeing operations and holding court from the corner office is now a pure communications play. CEOs are expected to communicate with just about every conceivable stakeholder, From one to many, CEOs are judged on their ability to communicate well and effectively. I would be rich for every dollar I could make listening to officers tell me that their CEO does not communicate clearly, crisply, strategically or at all. I think we are going to have to extend the day to above 24 hours to get all those messages distributed and heard. Should also add that CEOs are now worrying about writing blogs to communicate even deeper within the organization. Who has the time? I applaud the effort but wonder if CEOs need another responsibility on their plates. Time will tell.


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