Friday, March 17, 2006

Cures for the Company Blues

Terrifically fun week. We launched our little 5X5 book, Cures for the Company Blues: 15 Early Warning Signs of a Company's Failing Reputation.

published the pocket guide and launched it mid-week.

How did this book come to life? We were brainstorming last December about how to release the findings from our recent reputation survey. Just the thought of another press release was too much for me to bear. Alas, a light bulb went on in my head and I knew that a mini-book was our solution. Years ago when I was at Fortune, I had a similar brainstorm and published Fortune Cookies: Wit and Wisdom from Fortune. This little book included quotes from Fortune edit that were instructive and resonated with readers (like me) -- e.g., Innovate or Evaporate! was my favorite.

Cures for the Company Blues identifies the 15 early warning signs of organizational failure, describes the symptoms that leaders need to pay attention to and provides several sure-fast remedies. The basic idea is that CEOs can address the problems that destroy their corporate reputations by keeping a watchful eye out for what is happening inside their walls and right under their noses.


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