Monday, April 24, 2006

Old Fortune Rhyme

I saved this business poetry from when I was in charge of marketing at Fortune. When someone left the company, he gave me this promotional brochure that I saved for posterity. The brochure was magnificently designed and elegant as could be. That I distinctly recall.

The words below certainly speak of days gone by. Business in the 1960s was all about men. My how things have changed (and not changed).

I can not figure out if the rhymer was actually thinking about "change" as in cents or as in "change management." Tend to think it is the former. Who knew about organizational change then? The world was so much more manageable.

The Rhyme of The Ancient Manager (1969)

“For the men who manage business,
Wherever they may range,
Are the Men in Charge of Dollars
And the Men in Charge of Change.”


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