Thursday, April 27, 2006

Repairing Bush's Reputation

BusinessWeek's Diane Brady asked several management gurus what President Bush should do to repair his reputation. She reports what they said in the April 17th issue (I am just abit behind). Some of the suggestions include bringing in more outside voices, pausing before making big decisions, building a team that consists of more than "yes" people, and bringing in some thoughtful critics. Many of these suggestions focus on bringing people to the president. Seems that it would be better if it were the other way around. How about taking President Bush out of the White House to meet with people from all walks of life in their own environments. Could help to provide fresh perspective. Or set up a Citizen Advisory Panel made up of ordinary Americans who could meet with the President quarterly and exchange points of view.

Like new CEOs who sometimes turn to retired CEOs, perhaps Bush could call on some retired presidents who might have some insights. His father might be one good source. Former President Clinton? Former President Carter? Might be worth a try.

Just wanted to add my two cents on repairing the President's tarnished reputation.


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