Thursday, May 04, 2006

Healthcare Reputation

PRWeek posted some findings in its April 24th issue about healthcare CEOs' perceptions on reputation. Thanks to FischerHealth, Porter Novelli and PRSA's Health Academy for adding to the reputation research stockpile.

Interestingly, 73 percent report that negative shifts in a company's reputation impact the bottom line "significantly." That we know to be true and I could not agree more.

What struck me "significantly," however, was the reported finding that about four out of 10 (39 percent) have NEVER measured their company's reputation. My sense is that these CEOs are not Fortune 100 type companies or that they are just plain clueless. The pharmaceutical and health care industry suffers daily from poor public perception and CEOs need to better understand how to communicate the good they do. There is a saying that people do what you inspect. If measuring reputation is not on the agenda, employees will not share the responsibility for protecting reputation as if it were their own.


Anonymous KentjLewis said...

Great post. We will be covering this and other reputation management issues on our new blog:

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Blogger JENS THOMASON said...

Health & Reputation management - they go hand-to-hand. I have been working for an online reputation management company click here to see their website & you won't believe we talk about health business on daily basis but nobody seems to care much in health - it's about time they should wakeup otherwise their competitors will kill them with reputation management.

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